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Family Photo Friday – George Henry Standing

This photo of my great grandfather George Henry Standing (1878-1943) had me reaching back through time. I had heard a number of family stories about the man but I had no idea what he looked like and what he was really like as a man. He died eleven years before I was born and I don’t remember seeing any family photos of him.

That changed last week when my aunt sent me some photos. In this one George Standing is on his horse at The Channon ( a small village near Lismore NSW.) while holding a grandson, George Robertson. The Channon Store is in the background, exactly as I remember it from endless childhood summer holidays.

I peered at the photo, enlarging it, while experimenting with contrasts and effects. I was looking for family likenesses and trying to make connections. I quickly found that this simple photo of a grandfather and his grandchild brought those family stories – about George Standing the farmer and family man – to life.

That is the beauty of a family photo.

George Henry Standing with a grandson George Robertson at The Channon, NSW ,c. 1940. The Channon store is in the background
Northern Star, 10 August 1943, p.4.


George Henry Standing was the grandson of the convict Henry Standen/Standing – featured in the post Trove Tuesday – Henry Standen was “capitally convicted…”

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