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Family Photo Friday – George Henry Standing

This photo of my great grandfather George Henry Standing (1878-1943) had me reaching back through time. I had heard a number of family stories about the man but I had no idea what he looked like and what he was really like as a man. He died eleven years before I was born and I… Continue reading Family Photo Friday – George Henry Standing

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TROVE Tuesday – Henry Standen was “capitally convicted…”

While convict records provide a wealth of information about a person following conviction, contemporary British newspaper accounts can be a rich source of information about the crime as well as that person's life in the UK before transportation. Therefore, this week's finding is not from TROVE but from the 19th Century British Newspapers Collection (Gale),… Continue reading TROVE Tuesday – Henry Standen was “capitally convicted…”

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Trove Tuesday – The namesake

Week 23 OF 52 ANCESTORS CHALLENGE PROMPT: NAMESAKE I think that most of us have wondered where on earth our parents found our first names and why they gave them to us, particularly if the name isn't a traditional family name. Why Brian Roger Harris? Where did the Brian and the Roger come from? Was… Continue reading Trove Tuesday – The namesake