Trove Tuesday – Naming and Shaming

What were the wives of Singleton up to in December 1848? Why were they deserting their husbands? Of course their husbands said it was 'without cause'. Public Notice, Maitland Mercury, Wed. 20 December 1848, p. 3. These two notices appeared in the Maitland Mercury on 20 December 1848. They provide very different reading to the… Continue reading Trove Tuesday – Naming and Shaming

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TROVE Tuesday – Henry Standen was “capitally convicted…”

While convict records provide a wealth of information about a person following conviction, contemporary British newspaper accounts can be a rich source of information about the crime as well as that person's life in the UK before transportation. Therefore, this week's finding is not from TROVE but from the 19th Century British Newspapers Collection (Gale),… Continue reading TROVE Tuesday – Henry Standen was “capitally convicted…”