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All of my direct ancestors came to Australia as convicts or assisted emmigrants, with most arriving in either the late 1700s or in the first half of the nineteenth century. The majority were born in England however a small number came from Scotland or Ireland. This is apparent in the table below.

I have set out in the table the name of my ancestor, their form of immigration, the arrival date and the county in which they were born.


  • In the case of the family groups of Bounty or Assisted immigrants I have recorded the county of birth of the head of the household
  • in the case of ancestors whose birthplace hasn’t been confirmed, I have recorded the county where they were tried as this is currently their earliest record and verified place of residence. I have indicated this with a (t) beside the county.
  • Richard James HICKS arrived in 1801 on the “Canada’, the same ship as James BLACKMAN brought his family to Australia on as free settlers.

The historic counties of the United Kingdom

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