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The Ugly Sisters of Lismore Base Hospital

As soon as I saw this week’s prompt I thought of two photos in my collection. Both of these photos from the 1950s feature Allan Harris, my rugby league loving grandfather, dressed up as a most unattractive nurse. NOTE: I am definitely not saying that the nurses in the prompt are unattractive.

Luckily my grandmother wrote names and comments on the back of one of them.

Photo 1: Sister Knox who was in charge of the hospital’s operating theatres (centre); Allan Harris (far left) and ‘friends’

Background: During the late 1950s and early 1960s young nurses represented Lismore Base Hospital as entrants in the Floral Carnival Queen competition. My grandfather Allan Harris was part of the hospital’s fund braising committee for that event (yet another committee).

 Lismore’s Floral Carnivals took place in over a week in early September, with the first carnival being held in 1955. The carnivals ran annually for a number of years until, like many regional festivals, they stopped in the early -to-mid sixties.

The program of events included floral displays, garden competitions, parades, music, dancing, talent quests, and fireworks. One of the carnival’s highlights was the crowning of the Floral Carnival Queen.

These two photos are from that time. Can you add names and more context? I think that Photo 2 was taken in either 1957 or 1958.

Photo 2 (front): Lismore Base Hospital’s Floral Queen candidate Fay Huxley along with the “Ugly Sisters’ including Allan Harris and Alf Jux
Photo 2 (back): LBH Male nursing staff

Waddles (my aunt’s nickname) LBH Male nursing staff

Top row – Graham Carlill; Earl Greer; Les Nipperess; FayHuxley; unknown; Arthur Parkes

Sitting – Bill C: Jack Ellis he has his red cardigan on and looks like a ? sitting there

Then in front Mr Alf Jux; Allan Harris; Freddy Spinks & Harry Woolley

Note: The only “Sister’ in this photo is Freddy Spinks as he is wearing a nursing sister’s veil.

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