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Family Photo Friday – I would dearly love to give this beautiful bride a name!

This wonderful photo is just one of the collection of family photos that I inherited. Unfortunately, I can’t find any details about the bride or her wedding.

The anonymous bride

The photo does provide a couple of small clues as to when the wedding took place. These help date the photo. They also give some hints as to possible family brides. The bride’s bobbed hair, along with her wedding gown and veil, place the wedding firmly in the 1920s. The style of photograph supports this time frame. The sleeveless gown suggests a wedding in the warmer months.

My initial guess was that the photo was of my great aunt Iris Harris . Iris married Frederick Poolman in April 1930. However, the bride in this photo doesn’t match the description of Iris’s ‘ensemble’ featured in the Northern Star. From the description I know that Iris wore a coronet of orange blossom. The bride in the photo is wearing a Juliet cap embroidered with seeded pearls.

I have challenged the Facebook hive by posting this photo onto a number of groups. I would dearly love to give this beautiful bride a name!

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