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Family Photo Friday – The Sisters



Today’s family photo is a wonderful studio portrait of a paternal great grandmother Christina Ann Woolley nee Hicks (1875-1951), one of her her sisters Margaret Cook nee Hicks (1865-1952) and a sister- in law Lucy Hicks nee Keene. Lucy was married to George Hicks (1873-1956).

One of the reasons that I REALLY like this photo is that the subjects’ names were recorded on the back. This is the exception to my norm of so, so many beautiful unmarked images in the collection of family photos that I inherited.

Clockwise from top – Christina Anne Woolley, Margaret Cook, Lucy Hicks.
The Eureka moment – names on the back!

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    • It’s a lovely photo, isn’t it. Please send a link to any relative who may be interested. I would love to find out when and where it was taken. Could you hazard a guess? I’m wondering if it was taken just before Christina Ann’s wedding in 1903. Margaret and Lucy have their married names recorded on the back of the photo while Christina Ann is recorded as a Hicks, not as Mrs Woolley.


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